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AT&T Trouble Shoot and resolve


Desktop and mobile application that allows users  to automatically run tests to solve customers issues with their phone online.



Time Frame:

5 Weeks

The Challenge:

AT&T Troubleshoot and Resolve section within the support section of their site needed to be upgraded to thier second generation of their design standards (DS2). Troubleshoot and Resolve is the part of the site where individuals can find resolution to issues with their wireless device.

It was also in need of updating process. It was my job to provide to give new graphic placement as well as process mapping for the new design.

My Role:

Lead Information Architect

  • Review user research and competitive analysis
  • Participated in the collaboration of ideation and feature development
  • Sketched wireframes and lo-fidelity prototypes.


  • Weekly progress reports
  • Application map
  • Annotated wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Final presentation to stakeholders


Gather Data

The first real stop on finding solutions is the initial meeting that reviewed the current Adobe tracking data that identifies weak portions of userflow.

After this I take this data to begin the process mapping a solution.



Research Synthesis


Having talked with a variety of subject matter experts and users the team and I then distilled all the information we had gathered through mapping to find trends, uncover mental models and identify problems.



Design Principles AND USER NEEDS


We wrote several design principles to check our ideas against.

  1. What is the customer problem we’re trying to solve?
  2. Where is the data to help understand the nature of the problem?
  3. How will we measure success?

Ideate & Prototype

User Scenarios

As lead Information Architect on the team, I facilitated a variety of activities to help ideate on the various problems we identified. We began by creating user scenarios to imagine what it might look like for a user to interact with the site to solve their problem.

Sketching and Wireframes

Taking statistics in this case begin to sketch userflows for mobile and desktop to present to Project Manager. Upon changes and suggestions I will begin the process of creating real wireframes.

Formal wireframes are drawn up in illustrator that show the userflow of the site in mobile and desktop.

Where ever possible the new design standards are incorporated in to wireframe to greater illustrate how the site(s) will work with the new components.